Kovosport Třinec a.s.

Kovosport Třinec a.s. from above The company operates in the field of precision machining, such as turning, milling and boring. Our machine equipment includes horizontal and vertical boring and milling machines, lathes and vertical lathes, drilling machines, belt saws, grinding machines, wire EDM, shaping machines, etc. We specialize mainly in complete custom production according to customer’s specifications and requirements, including additional service, such as surface treatment and other various necessary related services. Customers can also take advantage of service of our stamping shop and welding shop which are also used for two traditional mass productions. These products, together with 90% of all production, ends up abroad, especially in Germany and Italy.



The company was established in 1971 under the name Beskydsport as a producer of Lavina snow groomers. After 1991 the company changed its field of activity to precision turning, drilling and milling and it’s also responsible for production of spare parts and arrangement of services for the rest of Lavina snow groomers.



Main field of company is complete precision machining of steel structures such as castings, weldments, forgings, etc. according to customer‘s requests, production of small weldments and stamping. We also provide related manufacturing operations such as heat treatment, sandblasting, coating, painting, etc. with our reliable suppliers.

Milling, boring

  • CNC and common horizontal, vertical and universal milling and boring machines
  • Custom and mass production


  • CNC and common lathes, carousels up to Ø1400mm of workpiece
  • Custom and mass production


  • Vertical shaping machines
  • Inner and outer grooves, gear wheels up to module 6
  • Custom and mass production


  • Eccentric stamping machines 25-250t
  • Cutting, cutting out, bending
  • Custom and mass production


  • Simple weldments


  • Belt saws up to Ø 350
  • Precision cutting on wire electrical discharge machine


  • We arrange service and spare parts production for Lavina snow groomers.

Related manufacturing services

  • Sandblasting
  • Surface finishing
    • Painting – powder painting, cataphoresis painting, liquid painting
    • Zinc plating
    • Coating
  • Heat treatment

Traditional mass production

  • Among serial products belong transformer wheels that we manufacture in various shapes and material types, with surface finishing according to requirements and specifications of the customer.
  • The other serial products are mixerpaddles for hand-held drills which are made of black or stainless steel. Black steel types are colour-coated or zinc plated.
  • For these and other products we are ready to help you with design and development to reach your ideas of the best product.

Machine Equipment



  • WHN 10 CNC Mefi
  • WHN 13.4 CNC Mefi, osa X 2500mm
  • WHN 13.8 CNC Heidenhain, osa X 3500mm
  • FKH 80 Sinumerik
  • FQH50 CNC Mefi
  • FQH50 CNC Sinumerik


  • 2x FCQV 63 CNC
  • Chiron 400 x 800 CNC Sinumerik
  • Maho 2000 CNC
  • DMU 80 CNC Heidenheim 426
  • TBI VC1270, Sinumerik 828D, osa X, Y, Z – 1200/700/650
  • TBI VC610, Sinumeric 828D, osa X, Y, Z – 610/400/450


  • Klasické soustruhy do ø 630 mm, točná délka 2000mm
  • NC soustružení do ø cca 300 mm, točná délka 850mm
  • SPR 63 CNC Mefi
  • SPS 25 CNC Sinumerik
  • NUMCO K500T CNC Fanuc
  • SUI 63 RP
  • SUI 50

Vertical Lathes

  • PUMA V 400 CNC Sinumerik - točný ø do 400 mm
  • SK 12 - točný ø do 1300 mm
  • SK 14 - točný ø do 1500 mm
  • SKJ 10 NC - točný ø do 1000 mm


  • Excentrické lisy od 5 do 250 t


  • FNG40 CNC A
  • Elektroerozivní drátořez Mitsubishi FX30, osa X, Y, Z, 750/500/300
  • Elektroerozivní drátořez Mitsubishi MV1200S, osa X, Y, Z, 400/300/220



Our company is ISO 9001:2016 holder.





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